In the heart of Europe is the capital, and largest city, of the Czech Republic, Prague. The city brings tourists back to the past with its historical architectural buildings, towns, and culture. To help tourists get the most out of this beautiful city, here’s the list of the things to enjoy in Prague.

10 Admire Old Town Square

Prague values its history and origin and has preserved this town for centuries. In Old Town Square, tourists witness the beauty of Prague, with its impressive architectural buildings, busy streets filled with stores and restaurants, and musicians and performers. There’s so much to admire in Old Town Square and a lot of attractions to visit, including the Astronomical Clock, the St. Nicholas Church, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, etc.

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9 Have A walk In Charles Bridge

One of the most visited attractions here in Prague is the Charles Bridge. It is one of Prague’s landmarks, and no tourist visits Prague without taking a photo of this historic and beautiful bridge. It also becomes dramatic at night with its twinkling lights. The bridge connects the Old Town and the Prague Castle, making it a perfect destination for day tours. Additionally, the bridge is freely open to the public 24/7.

8 Explore Prague Castle

Towering the city is the Prague Castle, known as the largest castle in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. The castle is where the current President of the Czech Republic is residing. It spans about 45 hectares which is why tourists are allowed inside. Opening time starts at 9:00 AM but varies and closes until 8:00 PM. Tourists are allowed to take a photo but only without a flash. There are also tour guide services, and the entrance fee ranges from 250 CZK to 500 CZK.

7 Witness The Ceremonial Changing Of The Castle’s Guard

The castle is a perfect place to enjoy the rest of the day. If tourists arrive before afternoon strikes, they will have a chance to see the ceremonial event in the castle. This is also a perfect event to witness when tourists desire to know more about the city. The ceremonial event is for the changing of guards, raising the flag, and fanfare. The guards are serving and ensuring the safety of the President.

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6 Appreciate The John Lennon Wall

A perfect spot for the gram is the John Lennon Wall. The wall is somehow meaningful as it is filled with song lyrics of Beatles and John Lennon’s face. The wall also serves as a freedom wall to Prague’s artists or the locals who want to express themselves. It also became a “diary” to the youth of the Czech Republic. They would let out their anger to the government through the wall. But eventually, it would be covered by new elements and graffiti.

5 Take A Cruise Tour

To have a different view and perspective of how beautiful Prague is, taking a cruise tour will be perfect. If tourists want to explore Prague without getting tired from walking, booking a cruise ride is the best alternative. It lets tourists see the different attractions while feeling the fresh air. Tours via cruise often include a meal. Most tourists would book for 2 hours with a fare ranging from $20 to $50 per person.

4 Have Fun With The Puppets

This might be a piece of new information for tourists, but Prague is home to different puppet shows and theatres. The locals had a thing with puppets since the 12th century. It was first used as an entertainer for audiences of ceremonies and some occasions. National Marionette Theatre, Spejbl and Hurvinek Theatre, and Puppets in Prague are the best places to witness the puppet shows. Ticket prices start at €25.00, and most performances have a duration of 2 hours.

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3 Try The World’s Best Formula Of Beer

The Czech Republic has claimed the title of having the best-crafted beer worldwide, and Prague is said to be the right place to prove that. Tourists can find the Czech Beer Museum in Prague with an entrance fee of $20, including beer tasting. Tourists will find out how the beers are being crafted in the museum and customize them for their own. The tour lasts for 90 minutes. Tourists must have an early reservation first before they can visit the museum.

2 Have A Nightlife Blast In Prague

The nightlife in Prague has so much to offer tourists. Prague Pub Crawl is famous for hosting international parties, and it would cost $30 for each person for 4 to 6 hours. Most classical concerts occur in St. George’s Basilica or the National Park for classical nights, but tourists must pre-purchase tickets.

1 Shop In Prague

To have a tangible memory of Prague, shopping for souvenirs is a favorite activity. There are a lot of souvenir shops in Prague, especially in Old Town Square where one can find printed shirts, some accessories, and tote bags. For toys, Rocking Horse Toy Shop has eco-friendly toys on display, located near Prague Castle. There are also vintage shops in many of the streets.

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