There isn’t a wrong time to explore Europe: The continent guarantees unique experiences year-round. During winter, travelers can expect to find beautiful snow-covered towns and the perfect places to spend the Holiday, thanks to the cozy atmosphere, special events, and Christmas markets.

It’s also an excellent time to discover another angle of cities often overcrowded with tourists during summer, such as Venice and Prague. Winter is also the chance to visit picturesque small towns and try traditional winter dishes.

10/10 Visit The Santa Claus Village In Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland, is the capital of Lapland and is known as Santa Claus’s hometown – It’s also where he keeps his office and welcomes people year-round at Santa Claus Village. Visitors can get a unique passport stamp and send postcards directly from the Santa Claus post office.

Located in the Arctic, the place is also an excellent spot to watch the northern lights, one of nature’s most spectacular sights. Visitors can also go on a dog sled trip and learn more about the Lappish culture.

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9/10 Prague Is Even Better To Explore

Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe – Some people believe it exudes more romance than Paris. Although many tourists choose to visit it during summer, there is something magical during the winter in Prague. The city is home to some of the best Christmas markets on the continent. Visitors can also enjoy the winter in the city by going to one of the many ice skating rinks or skiing in the parks. It’s also an excellent time to visit the castle, as the lines are shorter, and enjoy the saunas.

8/10 There’s Never A Dull Day In Reykjavík

Iceland is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. Reykjavík is arguably the most famous spot on the island, mainly during summer when the hot springs receive hundreds of tourists. The city offers many activities all winter, including seeing the northern lights and diving into the geothermal spa becomes even better when the temperature drops.

However, travelers must be prepared for low temperatures (approximately 33-35 F) and rain.

7/10 This Lake In Slovenia Becomes A Fairy Tale Spot

Lake Bled is the most famous sight in Slovenia, and it becomes even more beautiful when it’s snow-covered. It’s the perfect time to explore the area with almost no tourists and lower prices. For tourists visiting Lake Bled in December, there’s an excellent Christmas market where they can also try traditional foods and drinks – Visitors recommend the potica and medenjaki with a mulled wine glass. Beyond the traditional winter sports, people can also go horse riding in the snow.

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6/10 Visiting Venice During Winter Is An Excellent Experience

Many people might have read reviews about visitors disappointed at Venice because it’s crowded and the smell near the canals. During winter, the city becomes quieter, easier to navigate, and to enjoy Venice. Of course, they can still find gondolas, and the prices for hotels are more affordable.

The winter is also when Venice welcomes its famous Carnival, featuring fancy masked balls, concerts, and boat galas. It’s the busier time during the season, so visitors planning to see the Carnival should book everything in advance.

5/10 This City In Norway Has Inspired The Movie Frozen

Bergen, Norway, is the inspiration behind the Arandelle, the magical kingdom in Frozen, so it’s not a surprise. It’s a must-go destination during winter. Although the snow is not a guarantee, the outdoor activities during the season are always memorable.

Travelers can easily spend the day strolling the streets, but those looking for tours should check the fjord cruise to Mostraumen. Depending on the weather, it’s also possible to go skiing close to Bergen. Yet, the best slopes in the region are located on Myrkdalen – Voss.

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4/10 Watching Opera Simulcasts In Vienna

Vienna is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. During winter, the city features Christmas markets, and people can attend a dance ball at the Imperial Palace in January and February.

The city is also the world’s capital of classical music, and visitors can attend a concert at Schönbrunn Palace. People dreaming about attending an opera concert can buy tickets at Wiener Staatsoper or watch it for free on a big screen outdoors.

3/10 This Mountains Town Is Nestled In The Swiss Alps

Zermatt, Switzerland, is a fairy tale town in the Swiss Alps. The place is famous among skiers thanks to its excellent slopes and many pistes. This resort town is filled with fancy hotels and restaurants – By the Way, this is the perfect time and place to try heartwarming Swiss Cheese specialties. When not skiing, visitors can pamper themselves at the spa, enjoy the hotel’s hot tube or go to the Gornergrat’s summit, where they can admire the snow-covered peaks.

2/10 A Day Trip To This Gorgeous Belgian Town

Belgium is often an overlooked destination in Europe, but the country has many incredible towns. Bruges is arguably the most enchanting city in Belgium and ranks among the most well-preserved medieval town on the continent, according to National Geographic. The small city center is decorated with a Christmas tree and lights during the holidays. It’s the perfect time to try its famous hot chocolate, explore its cobbled streets, and visit its many traditional shops. Bruges is the ideal destination for people looking for a romantic getaway.

1/10 Transylvania Is A Surprisingly Romantic Destination

When visiting Romania, travelers should go beyond Bucharest and include Transylvania in their plans, and it’s difficult to recommend just one city. The Bram Castle is a must-go year-round, but it looks magical when it’s snow-covered. The region has many incredible towns, and travelers aiming to explore Christmas markets should head to Cluj, Sibiu, and Brasov.

The region has excellent slopes at Poiana Brasov, where travelers can also find spas and hot tubes. People dreaming about visiting snow-capped villages should check Sighisoara, which UNESCO lists as a World Heritage Site.


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