Microbreweries and their specialties are gaining increasing popularity among Czech beer lovers.

Due to their significantly lower production compared to large breweries, they can experiment more and try new flavors in smaller batches.

If you’re also a fan of unconventional tastes and are tempted to discover something new, head to one of these 5 microbreweries for a chilled beer.

All of them are located in Central Bohemia, which is full of interesting historical and natural landmarks. You can easily combine your visit with a trip to a castle, or lookout tower, or treat yourself to a draft beer after a hiking trip. If you’re unsure what to do with the upcoming weekend, here are our tips.

1. Pivovar Matuška

Located in the town of Broumy, 40 kilometers from Prague, Pivovar Matuška is a popular destination for beer lovers. They offer a wide range of beers, including stouts, lagers, and ales, and their brewery tours are a great way to learn more about the beer-making process.

Besides this, there can be found American-style IPAs and Raptor IPA. Czech cuisine is also a hallmark of the brewery, so be sure to check this place out!

The village where the brewery is located itself is quite small, but the entire Křivoklátsko area has a lot to offer to hikers and nature lovers. You can combine a trip for good beer with a visit to Křivoklát Castle or take a trip to the Čertova skála nature reserve.

2. Dědkův mlýn Brewery

Just on the edge of the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area, there is another magical place worth visiting not only for its good beer. In the Central Bohemian town of Unhošť, you will find the fairytale-like Dědkův mlýn, where you can enjoy local beer right next to the mill wheel with a view of a picturesque pond.

The craft microbrewery offers only one type of beer, which is unpasteurized, bottom-fermented 12° Lager. However, the Bavarian-style light lager is carefully crafted by the brewer, making it a favorite among the residents of nearby villages and tourists alike.

You can enjoy the draught Lager best on the summer terrace or in the stylish taproom, and you can pair it with grilled food or Belgian cheeses.

3. Minipivovar Čestmír

Minipivovar Čestmír was established in 2017 as a flying brewery, meaning that it did not have a permanent location and brewed beer according to its own recipes in other breweries. In 2019, its owners settled in Brandýs nad Labem, where they continue to brew beer.

Among the popular brews for its regulars are APA Skydancer and IPA Nocturno. If you like bitter beers, try the strong 16-degree Ratamahatta IPA. Despite its relatively high alcohol content, it is drinkable and tastes of citrus and tropical fruit.

You can combine your quest for good beer with a visit to Brandýs nad Labem castle and enjoy it in the nearby wine bar Pod Zámkem.

4. Pivovar Kaberna

It’s worth heading to the Kaberna brewery in Neratovice for a good beer. They brew unfiltered, unpasteurized beers using both bottom and top fermentation methods. Fans of classic draft beers will enjoy the Kabrňák 11°. If you prefer stronger specialties, try the Kabrňák 16°. There is also a low-calorie option, Kabrňáček 8°, available.

The brewery shop has outdoor seating open from Friday to Sunday. From spring to autumn, you can taste not only beer but also other delicacies such as pickled cheese or homemade pork jelly.

Drivers won’t miss out either, as homemade lemonades are available. You can combine a trip to Neratovice with a visit to the nearby Kokořín Castle or the town of Mělník.

5. Pivovar Antoš

The tradition of brewing beer began in Slaný as early as the 16th century. Thanks to Josef Paulík, it was successfully revived in 2010. At the Antoš brewery, the brewers use Czech hops from the Žatec region and malt from the Kounice malting plant. Antoš beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and served directly from the lagering cellars, which preserves its lively flavor.

Among the most popular beers are Rarach 10°, Antoš’s lager 11°, and Tlustý Netopýr 17°. The brewery’s basic offer is expanded with a whole range of limited editions that you can buy at beer shops throughout the Czech Republic.

If you want to properly deserve a chilled Antoš, first take a hike up to Slánská hora. You’ll have a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding countryside, and for the more adventurous, there are ferratas prepared on site. If you’re more of a fan of water activities, you can enjoy them before sitting down for a good beer at the Slaný water park.

6. Pivovar Hostivar

Pivovar Hostivar is a popular brewery located in Prague, Czech Republic. It was established in 2011 and quickly became known for its high-quality craft beer. The brewery offers a wide range of beer styles, including IPAs, lagers, stouts, and more.

Visitors can take a tour of the brewery, learn about the brewing process, and taste some of the brewery’s best beers.
The brewery also has a restaurant serving traditional Czech cuisine, and a beer garden that’s open during the summer months.

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