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Czechia, also known as Czech Republic (Ceska republika), is a Central European landlocked country. Although it is small, the country has a rich and interesting history. The Czech Republic is home to many architectural treasures, as well as beautiful forests and mountains.

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. Because of its geographical location, the Czech Republic is a natural crossroads for all major transit corridors. It is relatively young, but it has a rich history of more than a thousand years.

Czech Republic offers something for everyone, from historic cities to charming villages. To help you plan your trip, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for Central European countries.


The Czech Republic is a member of many important international organizations and groups in which it is an active partner and takes part in their activities.

The Czech Republic always has something to offer the world in science, culture, industry, and sport. 

Most people automatically think of Prague when they think of Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful city, but this country has much more. You don’t have to stay in Prague.

Instead, explore the many other tourist destinations. Stop searching endlessly on Google for places to visit in the Czech Republic. These are the top 8 Czech Republic destinations.

Cesky Krumlov # 1

This medieval city offers a unique way to explore the Czech Republic beyond Prague.

As you take in the beautiful beauty of the picturesque town, cobblestone streets run through it. Cesky Krumlov is a top choice for nature lovers. You can go hiking, biking or rafting along the Vltava River. 

Cesky Kyumlov

To experience the masterpiece of Cesky Krumlov, head to South Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic. A 13-century castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance elements. The belltower offers stunning views of the Old Town and the Vltava River. 

Kromeriz # 2

Kromeriz is a beautiful town that you will be able to enjoy the fresh air and stunning surroundings.

Kromeriz Castle, a beautiful example of an impressive European Baroque palace with stunning gardens, is one of the most important examples of Europe’s best gardens.


Kromeriz is a beautiful place filled with colorful flowers, exotic plants and fountains. But those are just a few of the many wonderful things you will see as you travel around Kromeriz. Kromeriz Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the town’s most prominent attraction. 

This castle was used as a location for Amadeus, Immortal Beloved and other films. Relax and enjoy the beauty of Kromeriz after you’ve explored it. 

Bohemian Switzerland National Park # 3

Bohemian Switzerland National Park’s scenery is like something out of a book. You don’t want your family to miss this natural treasure.

Bohemian Switzerland is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the country. It features rock labyrinths, sandstone mountains, deep valleys, ravines, and rock labyrinths. 

Pravcicka Brana is the park’s most famous feature. It stands 16m tall and nearly 27m wide.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

You can hike or climb through the pine forest to Pravcicka brana (Europe’s largest natural-sandstone arch). If hiking is not your thing, Bohemian Switzerland National Park’s beauty and numerous viewpoints will make you a great photographer. 

It is located right next to the German Saxon Switzerland National Park. Trails cross from one country to the other for the ultimate hiking experience.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park also has other big attractions like the Kamenice River Gorges, where a ferryman can take you along narrow passageways of sandstone and beside waterfalls.

Prague # 4

Prague is the Czech Republic’s crown jewel. Millions of tourists flock to the city every year to enjoy the romance and beauty it offers.

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is a charming city that will delight you with its rich history and stunning cathedrals. There are many museums, magnificent opera houses and concert halls to satisfy every cultural need.

It’s easy to find things to do and see in Prague. The city is adorned with beautiful architecture, such as cathedrals, towers, bridges, and stunning churches, and traditional Czech taverns or historic pubs make for an unforgettable night.


Prague’s famous Charles Bridge is a must-see attraction. This beautiful walk follows the Vltava River, and provides stunning views of Prague Castle.

You can stroll around the Old Town Square which is one of Europe’s most beautiful. Numerous historic buildings and monuments from medieval times are found in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Šumava National Park # 5

Sumava National Park contains the largest primeval forest area on the continent. The park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with its glacial lakes, lush green mountain peaks, and raised peat bogs. It remains largely wild and untouched. 

Šumava National Park

Sumava is 680 km2 and offers everything, from cross-country skiing to cycling to hiking. Kasperk Castle, Cerne jezero and the country’s deepest natural lake are located just outside the park’s borders.

This makes hiking here a memorable experience, regardless of whether you are exploring the forest trails or climbing to the summit of Polednik mountain.

Liberec # 6

Liberec is the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic, and it’s only one hour from Prague. It’s a great place to go on vacation in spring or summer. The city is surrounded by majestic mountains with high peaks and dark-green pine forests.

This region is not just known for its majestic mountains, but also for its rich culture. This beautiful region of Bohemian has many things to offer, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Crystal Valley, and unique glass-making traditions.


The area around Liberec has many famous ski resorts. You can take advantage of outdoor activities and make the most of your time in this charming Czech city.

Olomouc # 7

Olomouc is located right on the Morava River, with its many cobblestone streets that are perfect for walking. There are many historical landmarks in the city, such as the 35-meter tall Holy Trinity Column and six Baroque fountains which were once the town’s main water source.

Olomouc also has a variety of museums that are unique, including the Folk Architecture Museum, which tells the story of farming and crafts through historical buildings, the interactive science museum Fortress of Knowledge and a railway museum.


Both the Olomouc castle, and the Olomouc fortress can be seen from a distance. They are both great places to see and are perfect for relaxing under the sun.

Another reason to visit Olomouc is the Moravian cuisine, including Olomoucke Tvaruzky, which has a surprising array of flavors.

The surrounding countryside has many attractions, including a fairytale chateau and clear fish ponds. With fewer tourists and lower accommodation costs, spring is a great time to visit Olomouc.

Trebic # 8

Trebic is a charming town that can be reached by direct bus from Prague.

Trebic is a great place to relax, explore historical sites, or get active and discover unspoiled nature. Trebic, which is home to many famous sites, is most well-known for its Jewish Quarter, and Basilica of St. Procopius.


Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Jewish Quarter, which is one of Europe’s largest, has a great historical and cultural importance.

It reminds us how Christian and Jewish societies coexisted well up until the Holocaust. 

Trebic is home to many UNESCO-listed monuments. It also has stunningly beautiful scenery surrounding it. This town is a delight for nature lovers.

FAQs About Czech Repiblic

What is the Czech Republic most known for?

The Czech Republic is rich in history, natural beauty, and is home to many stunning national parks, charming small towns, and medieval castles . The Czech Republic has more chateaux and castles than any other European country.


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