„I just wonder where our German comrades made their mistake“ is a famous line from undoubtedly one of the best Czech films of all time.

Besides showing peculiar Czech Christmas traditions the movie comedy COSY DNES (1999) gives an account of growing up and growing old under the previous regime, of the golden sixties, and the betrayal that happened to the whole nation.

This December (16.12.), you have a very rare opportunity to see this Czech Christmas classic with English subtitles on the big screen. All thanks to the screening project Some like it Czech and cinema Aero.

As part of the “Some like it Czech” screening series, which aims to introduce Czech culture and history to expats living in Prague, you can attend a screening of the movie COSY DENS (1999, watch the trailer). This comedy-drama is directed by famous contemporary Czech director Jan Hřebejk and based on a book by Petr Šabach called “Hovno hoří”, which in translation literally means Shit burns. Yes, you read correctly.

This movie follows two normal families who live in a two-storey villa in Prague. Their story unfolds over the course of a year, and we get to #czexperience their Christmas, their wedding, and an unexpected funeral. While the youth peer at the lures of the capitalist world, the older ones are just trying to live their own lives on the background of some of the most turbulent times in our Czech history, aka the “Prague Spring” period. 

Before each screening, Some like it Czech events are accompanied by a quick and witty introduction, to help you better understand the context of the movie. This time, a Brno-based stand-up comedian Anne Johnson will do the talking. Anne might even answer some burning question a pyrotechnician has on a daily basis, that is, whether or not does the shit really burn. 

What else to expect? Besides the movie with English subtitles, there will be networking activities after the screening with a sublime reward for those who participate.

Come and meet other expats, foreign exchange students, or even Czech film enthusiasts who regularly visit the screening series or chat directly with the founders of the project about everything and anything that has to do with Czech culture and its film industry. If you dare, you can also try the special drink for the evening called “Marshall Malinovski”. We guarantee that after the screening you will want to drink this one and ask the bartender for extra matches…

If your desire this month hasn’t been anything else, then to see some overcooked gnocchi or some plastic spoons and glasses in action you have to see this Christmas gem. Wait, you don’t understand what we are talking about? Then look no further and go buy yourself a ticket for this epic Christmas comedy and thank us later.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some like it Czech on Instagram (@some_like_it_czech) or Facebook (@Somelikeitczech).


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