There’s been plenty of buzz around the series, ‘The Wheel of Time,’ which explores duality, highlighting opposing forces in terms of good and evil, success and failure, and hope and despair. It’s a show packed with exciting and fantastic elements that keep your eyes glued to the screen. Discover where ‘The Wheel of Time’ is filmed and what the best time to visit is!

What Is ‘The Wheel of Time’ About?

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series about a mystical world where only some can harness the power of magic. Those who can harness the power of magic are called ‘Channelers.’ One of the main characters, Moiraine, comes across five others and this meeting sets them all off on a treacherous trek. The series is based on the books by Robert Jordan and the first season covers the first three books. The wheel in the show points to a mythological idea that as it turns, so does time. There are seven spokes on the wheel and their turns dictate events.

Throughout the show, there are two important concepts that shape events. The first is that the Wheel is responsible for each age’s pattern. During the series, the characters are heading toward the end of the third age. The second is that the turns are dictated by ‘One Power,’ which refers to the Creator. The Creator represents the magic of the mystical realm. At the start of the show, only women are allowed to harness and channel One Power.

In the second age, men channeled One Power and while things were great for a while, they took a turn when the ‘Dark One’ became too influential. With his influence began the ‘War of the Shadow.’ Although successful in imprisoning the Dark One, the men were cursed and driven mad. When they returned, they destroyed the fruitful world they had created, and it was all returned to a primitive state. The start of the third age is marked by the ‘Breaking of the World.’

Where Was ‘The Wheel of Time’ Filmed?

The Wheel of Time was filmed in the Czech Republic. Most of the filming took place right around the capital city of Prague. Since this series is streaming on Amazon, Amazon set up a huge studio complex in the city to be used specifically for the show. It spans 350,000 square feet and was named Jordan Studios to honor the original writer of the series (he passed in 2007 at age 58). Although Prague is the hub for the show, some filming took place in other locations, including Slovenia, Croatia, and Spain.

Considering the fantasy aspect of the show, many of the scenes incorporate computer-generated imagery (CGI). For example, in one early scene in the pilot, there’s a gorgeous backdrop. It was filmed in perhaps the Slovenian or Czech countryside but incorporated into the scene are CGI stone pillars that exist in China at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The remote village known as Two Rivers in the show was constructed approximately 25 miles outside of Prague and the homes were built specifically to be burnt down during another scene.

Best Time to Visit Prague, Czech Republic

When visiting Prague, you should head out in either September or October. This period allows you to see the city in its true light, with locals walking around and enjoying their usual spots. The frenzy of tourists has ended, and you get to enjoy a less crowded environment. Just be sure to check the weather forecast to pack the right clothing (and an umbrella should you need it!).

Wildlife In the Czech Republic

There is a variety of wildlife found throughout the Czech Republic, with some animals being more dangerous than others. There are brown bears, wild boars, and arctic wolves as well as deer and elk. There are barn owls, badgers, bats, beavers, cats, caterpillars, and centipedes. Since the Czech Republic boasts heavy, dense forests, there’s plenty to see.

Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

When visiting Prague, you’ll find you have many options — perhaps too many, which may require a second and third visit. Some hotspots include:

  • Charles Bridge
    Crossing over the Vltava River, this bridge is an important piece of the city’s history. The view from the bridge is stunning, and you can reflect on the many poems and novels that feature it.
  • Wenceslas Square
    For a more modern experience that’s still filled with Prague’s rich history, check out Wenceslas Square (and be ready to shop!).
  • Prague Castle
    Much too large to enjoy on a single trip, Prague Castle has been graced by Czech emperors and kings. Be sure to do a bit of homework before your visit to plan your trip appropriately.

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