Paris is known as the City of Love and as a romantic city. While that may be true for many love birds flocking for selfies of the Eiffel Tower and wine on Paris’s old cobbled streets, it is still far from the only romantic destination in Europe. Prague is one of Europe’s most stunning and most visited cities and without a doubt, Prague is one of the cities one should visit with one’s valentine.

Prague is a European city with the atmosphere of gothic medieval times. The old and elaborate dark and foreboding watchtowers great a sense of the weight of the city’s rich history, while the river and its swans give it the grace and openness of Paris. Prague is perhaps the city of Europe most famous for its high-quality beers with beer flowing on every street like water.


Prague – One Of Europe’s Very Top Destinations

Prague is one of the continent’s main tourist attractions. In fact, it is Europe’s 4th most visited city after Paris, London, and Rome (if one excludes Istanbul) according to That puts it ahead of other famous European cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens, and Madrid.

  • Visited: The 4th Most Visited European City (excluding Istanbul)

Prague was fortunate to have survived most of the devastation of World War Two. Some of its main attractions today include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, old libraries, and many more attractions that will keep one busy. While most old cities only need a day or two to see them, Prague’s historic center is very large and will take a few days to do justice to.

  • Time Needed In Prague: 3-4 Days

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The Varied Architecture of Prague

As one goes to Prague one will see how the historical capital of Bohemia is lovingly characterized by a mosaic of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Additionally, one will find even more forms of architecture that have been woven into the city to give it a charm like no other city in Europe.

See Neo-Gothic, Neo-Renaissance, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Cubist, Neo-Classical, and even ultra-modern. Often when cities mixed architectural sites it feels tacky or cheesy, but not in Prague.

  • Architecture: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, And More
  • Designated: World Heritage Since 1992

For the students of history, Prague was the residence of several Holy Roman Emperors and that added to its prestige. One just needs to look around, and it is evident that the city was once an imperial royal city of great importance.

The architecture is eye-catching with some of the world’s most pristine and varied collections of architecture. The statues – both old and modern across the city stand as a testament to some of the greatest artistic talents in Europe.

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Prague – The Romantic City

In Prague, one is spoiled with things to do and see. It has more than ten major museums, many theaters, cinemas, and galleries. As one walks the historic bridges and old parts of the city, one will hear buskers playing classic old music that catapults one back to the times of Mozart and Beethoven.

  • Charles University In Prague: The Oldest University In Central Europe

One of the most romantic things is having a river cruise on the Vltava river or having a drink on the moored-up boats along the river banks. The ambiance of the city is one of the most stunning in Europe. It is a city where one can feel where the history of Europe was made. Prague was always one of the most important cities of Central Europe that attracted wealth from across the region.

  • Tip: Have A Romantic River Cruise On The Vltava

As one explores the city one will see a wealth of statues. See everything from blackened religious statues to artistic nudist statues to pissing statues and everything in between just a short walk from each other.

Main Attractions Of Prague

A few of the main attractions of Prague include:

  • Prague Castle: Stores The Czech Crown Jewels At The St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Charles Bridge: One of The World’s Most Romantic Bridges
  • Pisek Gate: One of The Last Preserved City Baroque Fortification Gates
  • Astronomical Clock: On the Old Town City Hall
  • Church of Our Lady Before Tyn: Gothic With Iconic Towers From the 14th Century

There are so many more things to see and do while in Prague – plan to spend at least 2 days in this most beautiful of European cities.


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