For the first time in history, more than one million Czechs may visit Croatia on vacation this year.

In 2o22, slightly less than 850,000 people visited, the second highest number after 2017.

Domestic travel agencies are already reporting a fifth to a quarter increase in interest in visits to the seaside country.

Although prices in Croatia have risen significantly since last year, they remain lower than in the Czech Republic. Food costs, for example, jumped by almost 17 percent year on year in March, compared to 24 percent in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the Czech koruna has strengthened significantly against the euro in the last year, which Croatia switched to this year.

The koruna is at its strongest against the euro since 2008, making shopping in Croatia far more inexpensive than last year. The exchange rate against the euro was around 24.50 last summer, and it could be around 23.30 this summer.

When we consider the aforementioned lower inflation in Croatia, it is more expensive than last year from the Czech perspective, but the year-on-year increase is notably lower than what the Czechs are used to from their home country.

In March, Croatia’s annual inflation rate was approximately ten percent, while the Czech rate was fifteen percent, which is substantially higher.

Croatia tours have become more expensive 

Czechs seem don’t mind that vacations to Croatia are now more expensive than tours to any other popular locations, including Egypt, Greece, and Turkey.

The main reasons are price of air tickets, i.e. air fuel, ergo energy.

However, direct train connections from the Czech Republic are also becoming significantly more expensive due to more expensive energy.

Night Trains to Operate Again From Mid-June to September 30

Night trains between Prague and Rijeka will run again this summer three times per week, starting from June 16 to the end of September.

The return of the connection offered by RegioJet comes following the successful operation of the same line last year, which in particular has attracted great interest amongst Czech and Slovak tourists.

RegioJet is also offering summer bus services to another two cities in Croatia – Split and Ogulin, though only until August 31. In total, the same provider offers services through either bus or train to a total of 56 destinations in Croatia.

Regarding the night train to Rijeka, the same will start its journey in Prague to Rijeka, will pass through Břeclav and Bratislava in Slovakia to its final destination in Celje in Slovenia.

The train from Prague will operate every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 4.45 pm, the while the train from Rijeka will depart on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 2.55 pm.


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