Barcelona and Amsterdam will further tighten connections through a new sleeper train that is set to launch in the spring of 2025.

The launching of the new project has been confirmed by the railway company, European Sleeper, while stressing that the new route will stop at several cities, taking also into account the following ones:

  • In the evening: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Lille
  • In the morning: Avignon, Montpellier, Perpignan, Figueras as well as Girona

However, there have still not been provided details regarding the length of this full trip between these cities, or ticket prices.

“The Amsterdam and Barcelona night train will strongly improve Europe’s quality of north-south rail connections. Even more so because one travels efficiently while asleep on the night train, while distances are reduced to just a night away,” the company said, reports.

European Sleeper also noted that a key element of refurbished night train carriages is also a service with more comfort and more privacy options.

This is not the first sleeper train that has been announced in the past few weeks. In February this year, it was announced a new sleeper train service that would connect London to Berlin in less than 16 hours.

In addition, the European Sleeper service from Brussels to the capital of Germany will be launched on May 25 this year, thus joining a large number of routes made available by the same company.

The European Sleeper also is looking forward to offering services to Prague and Dresden by December this year.

While the demand for more environmentally-friendly ways to travel has increased, the company is planning to make other train connections.

Adina Vălean, the European commissioner for transport, said that while demand for green mobility has marked an increase, the rail market should respond better and faster, in particular for long as well as cross-border journeys.

“This is why the European Commission now wants to help rail companies create new international train connections – by day and by night – by breaking down the many barriers to cross-border rail. I’m looking forward to working with the rail industry to make these ten pilots a success and to inspire many more to join,” Vălean pointed out, according to the Independent.

In addition, Spain’s national passenger railway company, Renfe, earlier this month announced that it plans to launch 253 tourist trains this year, that will offer services through different autonomous communities in every season.

The Tourist Trains division for this year shows an increase of 30 per cent in comparison to the one produced last year, where a total of 170 trains with tourist content depart from Refne.


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