The essential core of Prague, the Czech Republic’s city, is Old Town Square. The plaza is among the must-see attractions in Prague. The Old Town Square has seen many historical events, that have had a significant impact on the national past. People still come here to enjoy sporting achievements and celebrate important festivals and events.

It is so breathtakingly gorgeous, and there are lots of attractions to see here that visitors will want to stop and take in the breathtaking architecture and enchanting throbbing ambiance, even if just for a few moments.


What To Explore In The Old Town

The Old Town Square, also known as the Big Square, goes back to the 1200s when it became a significant market center for the growing city.

Many ancient structures rose around the plaza over the ages, and visitors can observe a combination of architectural designs here, including Roman, Renaissance, and Gothic.

Explore The Old Town Hall And Astronomical Hall

Old Town Hall, which was finished in 1364, is among the city’s most notable buildings. Like most of Prague’s medieval architecture, it has undergone numerous restorations. The hall is presently part of a complex of 5 Renaissance and Gothic-style structures.

The primary entrance of the hall is an outstanding Gothic door with elaborate detailing; within, visitors can find tourist information and access to the watchtower for further breathtaking city views.

The Astronomical Clock, located on the southern façade of Old Town Hall, is a must-see site for most tourists visiting Prague. This clock, constructed in the early 1500s, is particularly notable for the performances which happen at the beginning of each hour.


  • From 9 am – 10 pm in Summers
  • From 11 am – 10 pm in Winters
  • Guided Tours also available till 4 pm

See The St. Nicholas Church

The 1800s Baroque St. Nicolas Church is in the northwestern corner of Old Town Square. Instead place of a burned-down Gothic church, it now stands here. The remnants of the previous church’s can still be seen in the basement.

The white church is magnificent from the outside, but it is far more striking on the inside, with exquisite stucco design, statues, and a marble chapel at the front, worth taking a look at.

Horse carriages are always waiting in front of St. Nicolas Church if visitors want to explore the Old Town alleys uniquely.

Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn

One of the inspirations for the Sleeping Beauty Palace in Disney World was the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. The church dominates the Old Town Square with its Medieval twin columns and pointed arches. The building of this church began in the 1400s and continued till the 1600s. The interiors were renovated in the Baroque style in the seventeenth century.

The ideal time to observe the interiors in all of its beauty is daytime when it is soaked in sunlight. An ornate altar can be found on the north wall, underneath the high ceilings. It has a centerpiece depicting the Virgin Mary’s ascent, which is gold-plated.

Explore The Clementium

The Clementinum is a historic Jesuit college that currently operates as a historical building complex. The Astronomical Clock and the Baroque Library Hall are two prominent. It was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The Baroque Library is the crowning glory of all the structures. This hall is a literary paradise with elaborate ceiling paintings, rare vintage globes, and hundreds of books.

It’s also regarded as among the world’s most stunning libraries.

The only way to visit the interiors of the Clementinum is to take a tour. The Baroque Library Room, the Meridien Auditorium, and the Astronomical Dome are all included.

Walk Across The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is also one of Prague’s most popular tourist attractions and is usually packed, save early morning and late in the night. The 1357 medieval bridge connects Old Town and Lesser Town by crossing the Vltava River. Twin Gothic bridge pillars border it, and 30 exquisite Baroque sculptures represent key religious personalities in Czech heritage.

The sights from the Charles Bridge are breathtaking, especially when the rooftops are covered with snow in the winters. With Prague Castle positioned at the very hilltop, visitors can get a peek of the fantastical cityscape.

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When To Go

Determining the perfect time to come might be tricky since Prague is magical all year.

  • The busiest times for the Old Town Square are around the Easter Break, December, and New Year.
  • The ideal time to visit is in the fall.
  • While there may be some rain in the spring and fall, these are also good seasons for exploring because there is less crowd, and visitors won’t be subjected to the oppressive summer heat.
  • An additional benefit for visiting in the spring or fall is that the rates are lower, and there are also a few intriguing festivals to attend.

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Getting There

Via Air

  • Nearest Airport: Vaclav Havel Airport Prague- 15.8 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 25 minutes to reach the town.

Via Subway

  • Nearest Subway Station: Staroměstská Subway station
  • It is a 1-minute walk to the old town’s center from the station.

Prague’s old town looks like something out of a fairy tale. Structures of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Gothic styles created around the square over the ages have brought with them fascinating stories about the site, taking tourists on a historical journey. The artistic wonders make it a world-class destination that is well worth the visit.

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