Solo travelling has become increasingly popular in recent years. Taking off for a few weeks (or months) to see the world, experience new cultures and make your own memories can be such an exciting thing to do. 

However, it can also be a stressful and worrying experience, especially when it comes to safety. Pick-pocketers and scammers are often rife in European cities, and while they never hesitate targeting groups of travellers, they usually prioritise going after visitors who are clearly on their own.

If you’re desperate to do a bit of solo travelling this year but you’re worried about feeling safe alone, then don’t fret! The travel experts at have recently combed through the depths of TikTok and researched the hottest European cities that people are most eager to visit.

From there, they have combined each city’s crime rate and discovered which destinations pass the safety test. Have a browse through these cities and see if you fancy visiting any of them: 

Munich, Germany

Munich came out on top as the safest European city to visit this year. The German city scores an impressive figure of 81% for its safety, and so you should feel very secure during your time there. In terms of things to see and do, you could hang out in the beautiful English Garden, stroll through the central square of Marienplaz and treat yourself to some delicious food at the Victuals Market.

Zurich, Switzerland

With its extremely low crime rates, Switzerland is known as being one of the safest countries in the world to live in, and so it’s no wonder that the city of Zurich made it into these rankings. Zurich has a crime rate of just over 18%, making it the perfect place for your next solo trip! The city has lots of gorgeous sites to see, including beautiful historical architecture, the Swiss National Museum, and the breathtaking Lake Zurich.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has also been discovered as one of the safest places to visit as a solo tourist. The capital of the Czech Republic has a crime rate of just below 25%, and has become incredibly popular with younger travellers in recent years. Whilst you’re there, why not take a stroll along the magical Charles Bridge, marvel at the architecture of Prague Castle, or enjoy the city centre’s charming Astronomical Clock?

Helsinki, Finland

With a safety rate of almost 75%, you’ll feel right at home in Helsinki! The Finnish capital has a super safe environment, and it has lots of things on offer to keep a solo traveller busy. See the majestic Helsinki Cathedral, wander through the shops in the renowned Design District, and sample up all of the tasty Finnish treats at the stalls in Market Square!

Krakow, Poland

With its crime rate sitting at 25%, Krakow could be the perfect destination for you. The city is best known for its many medieval-themed buildings, which are absolutely breathtaking. Most interestingly, Krakow offers a few exciting adventures for solo travellers to go on underground, including a trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, or the unconventional Rynek Underground Museum!


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