Ryan Gosling has made his debut as lead actor in an action movie in Netflix’s The Gray Man, starring opposite Captain America legend, Chris Evans.

The Gray Man is a screen adaption by the Russo brothers of the bestselling novel of the same name by Mark Greaney. The movie, which is currently Netflix’s most expensive film to date, follows the jaw-dropping story of Six (played by Ryan Gosling), a former CIA operative who is being hunted by the CIA and his ex-colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans).

The Gray Man has been a long time coming, with talks between the Russo brothers adapting the book first surfacing nine years ago. It is out now in theaters and is coming to Netflix on Friday, July 22. Aside from all of the action in The Gray Man, you will not want to miss the stunning locations Six finds himself in.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about where The Gray Man was filmed below.

Where Was ‘The Gray Man’ Filmed?

ryan gosling prague
Ryan Gosling filming “The Gray Man” in Prague.

In The Gray Man on Netflix, Six is seen killing CIA targets in Bangkok, fighting intruders in Hong Kong, taking out international assassins in Prague, and meeting his match in an abandoned castle in Europe.

In reality, The Gray Man was also filmed on an international scale.

Speaking to Collider.com ahead of filming in 2021, director Joe Russo shared the intention behind The Gray Man was always for the setting and filming to be global.

He said: “This is a big, global spy thriller. Its intent is, it’s gonna hit a lot of different locations, and we’re still gonna film in those locations. So we’re excited about that because it’s really important to the storytelling that we visit these different locations.”

He said: “We have an incredible team and Netflix has been very supportive. [COVID] hasn’t impacted our location shooting,”

Filming for The Gray Man began in Los Angeles in March 2021, wrapping up in Prague in July that same year.

The movie’s main filming locations included a studio in Long, Beach California, in Prague including the city center itself and the areas Průhonice, Smíchov, Žižkov, Holešovice, Karlín, and the surrounding towns in the Czech Republic, including Milovice and Ústí nad Labem.

Scenes were also shot at the Château de Chantilly in France.

Production designer Dennis Gassner built 21 sets inside the 1,200,000-square-foot former Boeing manufacturing hangar in Long Beach.

Prague was home to the epic battle scene between Six and Lloyd’s assassins.

Filming was scheduled to take place in the Czech capital from June 27 to July 20, 2021, reported The Prague Reporter ahead of shooting.

Speaking to Netflix about filming the big action set piece in Prague, co-director Anthony Russo said: “For the portion where Ryan is on the tram specifically, in order to achieve what we did on that tram, you have an actual city tram that runs on tracks in Prague.

“We have a bus that runs on wheels that is made to look exactly like a tram, except for the fact that it’s on tires and doesn’t need tracks. Because sometimes we have to move the vehicle either faster, or on certain streets that don’t have tracks. And then we have on an outdoor lot elsewhere in Prague, we have a replication of the tram that is stationary, that doesn’t move, but does rock and shake and rattle, where we’re also shooting certain pieces. So there’s many different versions of the tram.

“A sequence like this—and this is true of several other sequences in this movie as well—you approach it almost like it’s its own movie because it’s so big and so specific.”

Co-director Joe Russo added: “I’m not sure how we got to shut down the square in Prague. But it was 10 days of gunfire and explosions and car crashes and the people of Prague either love us or hate us at this point.”

He added: “We had an army of crew there and an army of equipment. It’s a very
complicated scene, it’s meant to be very tense, it’s meant to be very realistic. This is the most complex sequence of the movie, requiring hundreds of extras, vehicles, trams, all kinds of things in perfect view of Prague Castle. “

Prague also doubled as Bangkok, the opening scene of The Gray Man where Six is tasked with killing a former CIA assassin gone rogue.

The Château de Chantilly, a castle built in the 19th century for Henri d’Orléans, the son of the last king of France, Louis-Philippe, was home to the moment Six and Lloyd came face to face, with the CIA under attack at the hands of Six and Dani (Ana de Armas).

The castle is located 30 miles north of Paris and is a popular French tourist attraction with an artificial lake and art museum.

Other countries that were home to The Gray Man filming process were Azerbaijan, Croatia, Thailand and Austria.

The Gray Man is out in select theaters now and is coming to Netflix on Friday, July 22.


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